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IF LAB Description:
Discuss the ways that public safety choices affect Long Beach residents every day. Join representatives from the Long Beach Police Department, Long Beach Fire Department, the department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications, and Tom Modica, the Assistant City Manager as moderator.Get Ticket Here


Long Beach Assistant City Manager Tom Modica serves in an executive management role to assist the City Manager guide and facilitate department projects, lead special initiatives, solve problems, continue the City’s innovation and technology efforts, and maintain Long Beach’s position as a regional leader on municipal issues. Tom Modica is responsible for assisting the City Manager in operating the municipal enterprise, including oversight of City departments and leading special projects required to facilitate citywide priorities, programs and initiatives. He oversees the Tidelands Capital Improvement Division, which is responsible for a $275 million capital improvement program in the City’s coastal area. Additionally, the Assistant City Manager is responsible for all aspects of internal City administration, and oversees special functions in the City Manager’s Office such as Sustainability, Special Events and Filming, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau coordination, innovation efforts, and other efforts.

Tom Modica has worked with City departments and elected officials on several initiatives over the years, including the long-term improvement in the City’s ocean water quality, management and oversight of $120 million in Stimulus funds, protection of the City’s interests through the dissolution of Redevelopment, the study of the Long Beach Breakwater, the City Council Redistricting process, implementation of smart parking meters, the rebuild of the $104 million Belmont Pool, the Boeing 777x attraction effort, and coordinating citywide media and communications issues, including the City’s award-winning use of social media. Tom has also played key roles in managing the City’s finances since 2002, helping to craft solutions that structurally address cost growth while protecting key City services.

Tom Modica has worked for the City of Long Beach since 2002, starting as a Management Assistant in July 2002, and has served in a number of different roles in the City Manager’s Office including Assistant to the City Manager, Government Affairs Manager, and Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, and Deputy City Manager. He lives in Long Beach with his family.

IF LAB: Public Safety in LB

Discuss the ways that public safety choices affect Long Beach residents everyday. Join the Commander of Internal Affairs, LB Fire and Tom Modica, the Assistant City Manager as moderator.