Jim and Kathleen-2
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Class Description:

Decorative or nutritional, shared urban gardens serve to educate, inspire and promote a culture of teamwork.  Kathleen Irvine and Jim Danno will share their experience of building our food community. Get Ticket Here


Kathleen Irvine is owner of Blue Gecko Design and  is a certified horticulturist and landscape designer. In addition to designing, building, and writing about public and private gardens across the South Bay, she works as a nature specialist at a local elementary school. Kathleen was appointed by Mayor Garcia to the City’s Sustainability Commission in 2014.

Jim Danno spent much of his career as a studio teamster on shows such as The Mentalist and currently works regular hours and closer to home in the Long Beach Public Works Department. Jim and Kathleen are passionate about teaching children and adults about the benefits of urban gardens and sustainable living, and are active in the preservation of their Long Beach neighborhood through the Willmore City Heritage Association.