Se Reed
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Marketing in the Age of the Internet

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I am a web developer, a speaker, a small business owner and an Internet geek.

I love small businesses!

I especially love helping small businesses use the Internet to grow and thrive!

I have been actively developing websites and content for the Internet since 1992, first for fun, then for work.

I specialize in web development, WordPress, social media of all sorts, content development, and marketing. I’ve worked with companies in a variety of industries, including media, the arts, non-profits, construction, technology, and retail, with sizes ranging from sole proprietorships and bootstrap start-ups to established corporations managing multi-million dollar projects.

In 2003, I founded and operated {open}, an independent bookstore, and developed it into a much-loved cultural icon, which gives me a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities small business owners face.

I am currently a specialty business adviser at the Small Business Development Center hosted by Long Beach City College, where I help small business owners develop their web and marketing strategies, including basic website development, social media and search engine optimization, through one-on-one consulting and monthly workshops.

P.S. I also sing harmonies and play percussion in a band with my sister, Alicia Murphy.