Khmer arts
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KHMER ARTS is a public benefit organization dedicated to fostering the vitality of Cambodian dance across borders and engaging in the global conversation of arts and ideas through the development and presentation of compelling works of performance. The organization is a natural extension of the work of its founding artistic director, the innovative choreographer, dancer, vocalist and educator Sophiline Cheam Shapiro. Khmer Arts sees itself as a nexus of arts and culture in a transnational community that is endowed with wonderful traditions and that is looking for ways of using those traditions to improve its quality of life. Through its numerous activities, it seeks to create a continuum of recruitment, training, research, outreach, creation and performance that develops accomplished artists, exquisite works of art and diverse, informed

audiences. Our free workshops serve approximately fifty apprentice dancers through year-round classical dance training. The curriculum includes the basic movements and traditional repertory of classical dance as well as Artistic Director Sophiline Cheam Shapiro’s original dances created for Cambodia’s finest artists and toured throughout the world.